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High Noon Swim is eco-conscious, ethically made, and timeless. 

The inspiration for the brands name, High Noon comes from this ʻōlelo noʻeau:
 “Kau ka lā i ka lolo, a hoʻi ke aka i ke kino” 
ʻōlelo noʻeau #1611

The phrase designating high noon; the time when"the sun is directly overhead and the shadow retreats into the body" or, more literally, ''rests the strong sun on the brain, and retreats the shadow into the body."

Key words: kau, rests, is placed; la, sun; i, on; ka, the; lolo, brain; hoʻi, return, retreat; aka, shadow; kino, body, form.

In the beliefs of old Hawaii, morning was masculine and afternoon was feminine. Once a day, the two met in a brief union. Morning then retired, his day's work done; Afternoon took over. At the time of this meeting, no shadow could be seen. Man's own mysterious aka (shadow) neither followed nor preceded him nor paced at his side. Instead it retreated into the body, directly into the brain. Near the very region of the spirit pit (tear duct of the eye) through which one's own living spirit might exit and return in the wanderings of dreams! In the topmost part of the entire po'o (head), sacred to the aumakua (ancestor gods)! In view of all this, what we now call "high noon" was thought a time of great mana (spiritual power).

Our garments are ethically made in the European Union by a family owned production facility. This collection is made with "Vita", a sustainable techno-fabric, made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems into fashion. At High Noon Swim we are committed to a sustainable and ethical ethos, including reducing single-use plastics and using recycled materials. 


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